Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snake Bitten

What does Javier Vazquez have to do to get a win? His pitching of late has been brillant and overall very good this year. He is at the top in K's, walks very few, goes deep into ball games and has a very good ERA of 3.04, yet has a record of 5 wins and 7 loses. On just about any other team you could add atleast 3 more wins and subtract 3 loses, making him in the area of 8-4. I think now even if the Braves acquire the big bat they lack, they still will not make the playoffs, as the are just to many holes in the lineup. I think it is time to either sign Gonzo and Soriano or trade them. Also it is time to move Frenchy, Johnson, Anderson( back to AL, for DH) and dare I say Chipper. The return on Chipper could provide this team a great return in arms and a possible replacement for him at third. One last guy to consider moving is Escobar. His attitude and mental mistakes have many in the organization and fans scratching their heads. Although he has great talent it may be time to move him. Let me know your thoughts.

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