Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is wrong with the Atlanta Braves

Fans I would like to hear your opinion on what is wrong with the Braves. Is it the offence, the manager, the bullpen or something else? Personally I think the offence is the number one reason the Braves are three games under .500. The lack of timely hitting, once again evident last night is really hurting this team. But I feel there are other reasons too, like the lack of speed, a spotty defence and a manager who is perhaps to loyal to his players, especially during their prolonged struggles.

Do you feel this team should still go after the big bat that they still need, or do you trade some of our assests now and focus on next year?


  1. I think we still have to focus on this year instead of the next. Our rotation is too good and the season is too young to not try to make a pennant run now. Either way you look at it though, something has to be done in our OF (yes I'm speaking of Frenchy). Last night at the plate, he looked like me when I played ball--can't lift the ball out of the infield

  2. This team sucks

  3. We are still in contention and only 4.5 games out before the ASB. If we can improve the team with some key trades/acquisitions I think we have a good shot at the pennant considering Phillies and Mets not too stong this year.

    There are a few problems right now. BC is a big one but I doubt he will be fired or replaced for whatever reason this year (he's gone next year). He is loyal to a fault which has lost quite a few games - leaving pitchers in too long, and continuing to use Jeff Bennett at critical times (he stinks - he's a minor league pitcher who guarantees a loss in almost any game he comes into. Should have been demoted or traded a long time ago)

    Key moves to compete:

    1. Trade Francouer for a legitimate power hitter in RF - will need to throw in a good picture and some prospects.

    2. Get rid of GA - he's just not doing it and is over the hill for his salary. As in RF, need a legitimate power hitter - trade for Adam Dunn if at all possible.

    3. Get rid of Kelly Johnson and use Omar Infante when he comes back, Prado until then.

    4. As in LF and RF, we need a legitimate power hitter at First Base. Kotchman is an OK hitter but without power.

    The main defect is HITTING for power and consistency. Fix that and we compete immediately. Our pitching is OK - we would have won a lot more games if only we had bats and hit at critical times.

  4. I'm not sure if one big bat is going to accomplish much this year. There are too many other things to correct. The mental errors revealed in base running, fielding and hitting are killing this team at pivotal times.

    The emphasis on pitching recruits for the farm system is good, but it's been a long time since we saw a pick like Mark Lemke come through the pipe. The Braves don't seem to have many strong position players coming along.