Monday, June 22, 2009

Thoughts after Boston Weekend

Does anything change for the Braves after their weekend series with Boston, losing 2 out 3? I personally don't think it has. The Braves still need to get more hitting and power out of their outfield. Yes I am talking about Frenchy. I know he has been better lately, but the power and timely hitting just isn't there. Going into the next 10 games I feel Bobby Cox has to give Diaz or even Prado a shot in right. At this point both have more to offer than Frenchy and Cox has to make the change. Realistically the Braves need and must go atleast 6 and 4 in the next 10 games to compete, especially when the Mets and Phillies are not playing and are ripe for the picking


  1. Prado should be at second for Johnson and let Diaz start for Jeff

  2. Canadaian braves fan, Just a little advice if I may, but, the black font on the red background is not a good idea. Makes it very hard to read.

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  3. By: McFann :Ô:

    Diaz definitely deserves to start in right…

    Actually, I'd put Diaz in left, and yeah, maybe try Prado in right. GA's defense just does not do anything for me. That's one thing I have to say about Francouer--at least he'll make an attempt to gun someone down at home once in a while!

  4. Talk Braves with the Chef tonight, "The Sports Buffet" 9p ET

  5. Big win for the Bravos tonight 4 back now

  6. By: McFann :Ô:

    Hope the Braves cann crush the Yankees!!

    Oh, and BMac…could you cut down on your K's, please? Already 10 this month, and you total is two-less than twice what it was coming into June…