Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tight Budget ?

According to Ben Nicholson-Smith the Braves are looking to add a bat, but might not be able to due to financial reasons. As Braves fans we already know this, but could we trade Frenchy to the Royals with Crisp out for the year and use the return or a prospect for an inexpensive hitter. Is a combo of Brandon Jones/Matt Diaz better than whats on the market right now with our lack of funds. Could a healthy Jordan Schafer be the answer, I am not sure but we do need more production from our right field spot. Let me know what you think Braves fans.


  1. Some of our bats on the bench are better than what we are putting out there. Both KJ and Jeff need to go, and together they get paid about 7 mil. I would rather see that combination go than pitching, even though Javy would free up over 10 mil.
    Lunatic Fringe

  2. By: McFann ;Ô;

    I'd say Diaz/Jones is at least better than Francoeur right now. I've always like B. Jones, though.

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  3. Just FYI-

    Ben Nicholson-Smith is not a journalist. He is a blogger. Buster Olney is the one who spoke to Frank Wren. They are good at what they do over at MLBTR, but they shouldn't be credited with news or information. They are compilers, not reporters.

  4. By: McFann Ô